Agency rate uplift

How much should your agency be paying?

Before starting work through an agency, you will usually be given two hourly rates – a PAYE rate and an umbrella company rate. If you choose to work through an umbrella company, the agency saves the employer's national insurance contribution by NOT employing you on their books. Regardless of what the agency may tell you, this saving should be passed on to you IN FULL and reflected in your umbrella company rate. To calculate the uplift, simply include your agency PAYE rate per hour and typical weekly hours into the boxes provided, then hit calculate. The 'total cost per hour' and 'gross cost per hour' is the MINIMUM rate you should accept for working through an umbrella company.


Agency rate uplift results


(rate x hours)

(x 52 weeks PAID)

Total cost per hour:

Total cost per hour:

( /46.40 weeks WORKED)

( / hours)

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