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UK Population “Optimistic” About Entrepreneurship

In a recent study it was revealed that people in the UK were more optimistic about working for themselves, compared to other European countries.

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40% of Brits will Never Retire According to Survey

In a brand new survey by experts, it was found that 40% of British people in the workforce believed they will never get to retire.

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Contractors Spend 20 Days a Year Chasing Late Payments

According to IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and Self Employed, if you work for yourself then you spend 20 days a year trying to get paid.

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New Mortgages for Self Employed Launched

I’ve talked before on this blog about how difficult it can be for contractors to get a mortgage or any kind of loan. For many people it’s almost impossible.

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Research Shows Self Employed Work 10 Hours Less

If you thought working for an employer was the best option then it’s time to reconsider, as new research shows self employed people work 10 hours less a week.

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Jeremy Corbyn Attacks Umbrella Contractors (Again)

I’m sure that Jeremy Corbyn has attacked contractors before…well he seems to be at it again, with remarks made in a recent speech.

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Barclays Now Offer Near Instant Business Lending

If you’re a contractor or small business owner, then you will no doubt be pleased to hear that Barclays now offer lending without the usual hassle.

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50% of UK Contractors are too Busy to Exercise

While being self employed no doubt gives you more freedom, it seems that half of UK contractors can’t find the time to hit their local gym.

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Medium Sized Businesses Need More Contractors

Experts are advising medium sized business owners around the country to focus on hiring more contractors as part of a flexible employment strategy.

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Christmas a Quiet Time for IT Contractors

Despite IT contractors being in huge demand this year, new reports are suggesting that Christmas will be a quiet time.

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Contractors will Lose Jobs to Robots Say Experts

There was a time when the thought of robots doing ordinary jobs seemed far fetched, but the reality could be closer than you think.

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Some Contractors Looking Forward to Digital Tax

If you are an umbrella contracting professional then you are no doubt aware that income tax is about to change…by going digital.

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Theresa May Advisor Criticises the Gig Economy

We all know the gig economy is becoming popular among contractors. However, a key advisor to the prime minister doesn’t like it at all.

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Minimum of £67,000 Would get Contractors to Quit

What would it get you to quit the contracting lifestyle and back into employment? A new survey found that an offer of at least £67,000 a year would do it.

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Umbrella Contractors Lose £5000 a Year

According to the IPSE, umbrella contractors in the UK are losing 5 thousand pounds a year because of unpaid work.

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Ed Vaizey – “Minimum Wage for Gig Workers”

Tory minister Ed Vaizey has gone on record saying that freelance workers in the so called “gig economy” should be on minimum wage.

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