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The lazy man’s way to the best umbrella company

Cloud 9 UmbrellaIf you’ve decided to work through an umbrella company, you’re going to need at least 30 minutes to research the umbrella company marketplace, contact a few companies and then sign up with the provider of your choice.

For those that are short on time, and would rather leave the research to someone else, this is the page for you. Finding the best umbrella company is no easy task since 99 per cent of providers claim to the best with very few actually having any real substance to this claim.

So what sets aside the best umbrella company from the rest?

If you haven’y already done so, we suggest you take a look at our guide on how to compare umbrella companies, as this will give you a decent overview of the main things to look out for. In our opinion, the best umbrella company will be excel in three core areas:-

1. Compliance
2. Customer Service
3. Price

There are over 150 contractor umbrella companies in the UK. After you’ve stripped out the bells, whistles and clever marketing gloss, you can pretty much ignore all but 10 of them.

Our friends over at showcase the top 10 umbrella companies at any one time on their home page. They also have an umbrella company league table with every provider ranked by service, price, and of course compliance.

Our top 3 umbrella shortlist

We’ve gone one step further, and created a shortlist of 3 companies that we feel are the best in the UK at the time of publication. So if you care to glance upwards (and a little bit to the right), you’ll see our top 3 ‘featured umbrella companies’.

Each company has a proven track record of HMRC compliance, and will deliver a world class customer service at a competitive price. Why do we know this? Because we have a vast and extensive knowledge of the umbrella company marketplace, we have put our trust in these companies, and above all – they have never let us down.

So there you go. You came to this page looking for the best umbrella company and we’ve given you three… about that for exceeding expectations?!

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