Umbrella companies protect you from IR35 whilst still maximising your pay. Here we have all the latest news on this controversial piece of tax law.

Taxman heading along an ill-advised route to implement IR35

With SDC reforms imminent, a new IR35 discussion document launched putting the onus of vetting contractors onto the client, we ask: What IS HMRC doing?

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IR35 – Up for Discussion

The government has fulfilled its budget promise and issued the IR35 discussion document. Should it worry contractors? Only if MPs take a huge pay cut

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Will HMRC deprecate IR35? Has the shift to SDC already begun?

HMRC remains silent on many of the issues affecting contractors; as such, we’re left to speculate. Here’s our punt, with a h/t to Lisa Keeble.

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HMRC taking no prisoners in the war against IR35

Should you set up a Limited Company just to avoid paying tax? Most contractors do it right. But with 600k now operating this way, HMRC is on the warpath!

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Self-employment to become norm by 2020?

Self-employment, either through freelancing or working as an umbrella company contractor, could be come the new normal by the end of this coming decade.

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PCG calls for contractors to support Small Business Saturday

Whether you’re a freelancer or an umbrella company contractor it’s in your best interest to support Small Business Saturday, says one major industry body.

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HMRC finally takes pity on the poor umbrella worker

Tax guidance for self-employed Brits such as umbrella company contractors is set to finally get a bit more easy, thanks to a new initiative.

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New Best Practice Charter gains traction among umbrella firms

It hasn’t been long since the new umbrella contractor trade industry body known as All Umbrella Companies Are Equal has launched, but i’s making serious waves.

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HMRC get tough on tax fraud; umbrellas offer contractors safe haven

HMRC took on more cases, made more arrests and won more criminal convictions in 2012 than in 2011. With a £900m cash injection, those figures will only rise.

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IR35 Forum members are disappointed with HMRC

Within hours on HMRC publishing its IR35 guidance, members of the IR35 Forum issued a statement saying the document did not take key elements of their advice into consideration.

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HMRC publishes IR35 Business Entity Tests

The long awaited IR35 guidance was published on Wednesday. The guidance will enable contractors to determine if their contract is disguised employment or if they really are in business in their own right.

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Six IR35 scenarios to be published on HMRC website

Umbrella company contractors are no doubt waiting to find out what the government intends to do about IR35.

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Are umbrella company contractors waiting with bated breath for the Budget?

It’s Budget Day tomorrow; the weeks of speculation will be over and UK taxpayers, including umbrella company contractors, will discover what is in store for them over the next 12 months.

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Will the latest OTS recommendation for IR35 be implemented?

Umbrella company contractors may start to see the results of the Office of Tax Simplification’s work on IR35 as early as April 6th.

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HMRC finalises new IR35 regime for contractors

Umbrella contractors may be interested to learn that the Revenue is getting near to finalising the new regime for IR35.

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Are Government contractors exempt from IR35?

No sooner has the furore surrounding Mr Lester died down, it now transpires that the Department of Health has been paying 25 senior members of staff through limited companies. In fact more than £4 million has been paid out in this way.

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