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Not many people can afford a £500,000 negligence claim. Are you fully covered?

Research has shown that professional freelancers and contractors are among the happiest workers in the UK. However, few appreciate the enormous risks associated with this type of work. In fact, in todays litigious society, the average freelancer has a strong chance of being sued over the services they provide at some stage in their career.

Imagine the strain on your personal finances if you were involved in an uninsured negligence lawsuit. The legal fees alone can amount to thousands of pounds even before you consider compensation payments to your client. If you are unable to pay the money due, the courts can instruct a debt collection agency to chase your personal assets, including your home.

Insurance to protect you, your reputation and your future

Whether you’re new to the UK contracting market place or have been working in this way for some time, the risks are as prominent as ever and it is essential that you have the relevant policies in place. We’ve teamed up with Qdos Consulting to provide comprehensive business insurance to cover your freelance work. So if you are unfortunate enough to cut some bad code, deliver the wrong HR advice or produce a set of misleading financial accounts, you can rest assured that your financial liability to the client is fully covered.

Qdos have been providing business specific insurance to freelancers and contractors since the 90s and have a long list of satisfied customers. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of their clients have said about their business insurance services.

“Qdos have provided a first class service so far and shall definitely be contacting you when my other insurance policies are due for renewal in the Autumn.”

Daniel Eggleston – Director, Stolenegg Ltd

“Businesses are under an immense amount of pressure to ensure they are protected against all potential risks. The Qdos service provides valuable peace of mind at the right price.”

Candy Munro – Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive

“The pressure has been lifted knowing that we can call the experts at any time. The Qdos team are well informed and very friendly. I recommend their services to any potential customer.”

Barbara Cotman – Mimosa Healthcare

5 more reasons to get in contact

  • Choose from 6 separate business insurance products
  • Buy online or over the phone for instant coverage
  • Combined tax and business insurance packages
  • Refer a friend and earn up to £130 per referral
  • FREE Access to the Qdos Freelance Club

Qdos’ insurance policies will pay both the legal fees to defend your actions and the compensation payments to your client if you are found liable (up to the agreed policy limits). The type and level of coverage required will vary from trade to trade and is generally available as an ‘off the shelf’ policy. For added protection, Qdos can offer backdated cover to mitigate your risk of a claim for previous contracts or projects. They can also provide insurance against the actions of your sub-contractors and outsourcers.

To apply for business insurance, simply visit the Qdos shop or fill out your details below and one of the Qdos insurance specialists will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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