At Freelancer Financials we can help contractors and freelance workers obtain a competitive quote for IR35 Insurance. We specialise in tailoring financial products and solutions to the unique requirements of contractors.

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An IR35 investigation could cost you over £100,000 in backdated tax, interest and penalties. Still not bothered about it?

If you are working as a contractor or freelancer, it’s fair to say that your chances of being investigated by HMRC are higher than most. In fact, with the number of enquiries rising each year, it may just be a matter of time before that brown envelope drops on your doorstep like a bomb.

It’s a well know fact that HMRC can go back over your financial affairs as far as 6 years. What few people realise however is that they can actually extend this to 20 years if they suspect that you have been negligent with your record keeping or tax returns.

Imagine how you’d feel having to endure a long and drawn out tax investigation. Many last for years and can have a damaging impact on those affected, both physically and emotionally.

Get your IR35 position covered TODAY

We’ve teamed up with Qdos Consulting to provide you with the best possible IR35 defence strategy. Qdos have represented and won over 1000 HMRC investigation cases to date and are a leading authority on IR35. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a few words from their existing clients.

“Firstline Computers Ltd have been under IR35 investigation by HMRC since July 2005 and I have just received confirmation that they have finally closed their case after 27 long months. Many thanks to Qdos Consulting who represented my company during the IR35 investigation.”

Tony Corner – Firstline Computers Ltd

“Thanks again, I learnt a long time ago that if you are in a possible corner then you must get the best available people around you, that’s where I firmly place you.”

Roy Potts – Roy Leslie Potts Consultants Ltd

“Although it was clear to us that TIAN Services fell outside of IR35, the agreement by HMRC at such an early stage is a fantastic Christmas present for us.  As you know, I had expected this to go on for some considerable time.  Knowing I can continue trading without the ‘Sword of IT35’ hand over us is a great relief.”

Andy Nash – TIAN Services Ltd

Here’s a few more reasons to get in touch

  • Choose from 8 separate tax investigation products
  • Competitive business insurance (PI, P&E, D&O)
  • Combined tax and business insurance packages
  • FREE online IR35 status check without registration
  • FREE IR35 compliance guide
  • Refer a friend and earn up to £130 per referral
  • FREE Access to the Qdos Freelance Club

The Qdos shop has wide range of products and services specifically tailored for the freelance worker. As well as tax enquiry insurance, you may also wish to consider Professional Indemnity and Public & Employer’s Liability insurance, or perhaps even a discounted package that includes all three. Whatever your circumstances, you simply cannot ignore the threat of HMRC and the potentially devastating impact that an investigation will have on your finances.

Don’t leave yourself exposed. For a limited period only, Qdos are offering a FREE consultation to anyone worried about their IR35 position. To get in contact, fill out your details below and one of the Qdos team will call you call back within the hour.

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