By Martin Smith. Qualified tax accountant and die-hard freelancer

Let me ask you a simple question. How does it make you feel knowing that you work for almost a third of the year just to pay your taxes? That’s the equivalent of waking up on the 1st of January and working until the 24th May without making a single penny for yourself or your family!

But before I explain what you can do about this, let me introduce myself. My name is Martin Smith, and in my FREE e-course I’ll reveal how you can save over £5,000 a year in tax without spending a fortune on specialist advice or getting on the wrong side of HMRC.

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  • 3 scorching hot techniques to make full use of your annual allowances
  • Why NOT doing this one thing can cost you up to £1,500 in PAYE taxes
  • The single most powerful method of investing in a tax free environment
  • A simple tax-saving device that the banks DON’T want you to know about
  • And much more

Since qualifying as an accountant in 2001, I have worked as a tax consultant and freelancer in wide variety of industries, building up a solid grasp of the tax system in this country. I have also observed how most accountants over-complicate the advice they give to their clients and often make a lucrative income keeping people like YOU confused. I have therefore put together this simple course to provide a step by step blueprint on how pretty much anyone can save tax with a little careful planning……and without the need to speak to an accountant!

But first a word of warning. This e-course is NOT for everyone. It’s not for people who just sit there and moan about paying their taxes, instead of getting off their butt and doing something about it. It’s not for crooks or tax-dodgers who are looking for illegal tax ways to ‘evade’ the taxman and it’s certainly NOT for people who couldn’t give a me damn if they overpay tax each year or not.

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Martin Smith
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