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Who else wants 50% off their
umbrella company fees?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. When it comes to your take home pay, the only difference from one umbrella company to the next is the price they charge you to process your timesheets. In other words, their admin fee. So what do you think would happen to your take home pay if you were able to dramatically reduce their admin for every single week that you worked……FOREVER?

The average contractor will spend at least 6 months working through their chosen umbrella company. That means paying something like 26 weeks of admin fees, which can amount to as much as £1000!

What would you do with a extra £500?

Imagine being able to secure a lifetime discount of up to 50% of your umbrella’s normal weekly fee, yet still receive exactly the same service as those who are paying full price?

Sounds to good to be true? Well it isn’t. We have negotiated a series of introductory offers with each our top 10 umbrella companies*. These discounts are exclusive to our website and NOT available to direct customers.

By requesting a quotation below, hundreds of contractors have already secured incredible discounts with some of the best umbrella companies in the UK. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our readers are saying about the offers that they have received.

”Nathan saved £13.50 a week for his first contract”

I decided to change my umbrella company at the start of the year and called a few to see what they had to offer. I was getting quotes of up to £30 a week from some umbrella companies, which is nearly double what I’m paying now. I’ve worked out that over the course of my 9 month contact, I’ll be saving nearly £350 in fees.

Nathan Hughes, Interim Project Manager. Brighton, UK

“Lucy saved over £40 a month”

I decided to use an umbrella company rather than set up my own limited company as I didn’t have the time or inclination to sort out all the paperwork. I was keen to take advantage of any promotional offers that were available to new customers but didn’t expect to pay £43 a month less than the fee quoted on my chosen umbrella’s website.

Lucy Chan, Marketing Consultant. Uxbridge, UK

“James will save £50.75 a week…for life”

My old umbrella company was taking 4% of my weekly invoice value in fees. That worked out at something like £70 a week when I put the hours in. I was amazed that other companies were charging much less for essentially the same service. Thanks to your site, I’ve switched to a new provider and saved an average of £50 a week.

James Todd, IT Contractor. Bristol, UK

What sort of savings can I expect?

Each company on our list of top 10 providers is running an exclusive promotion for contractors who wish to sign up TODAY. Here’s a small flavour of some of the discounts you can expect:

  • 50% off your weekly admin fee – for LIFE
  • 6 six weeks FREE. 30% off thereafter
  • Free Amazon gift vouchers worth £50
  • Refer 6 friends and pay NOTHING for your current contract
  • Free iPod Nano once you’ve submitted 4 timesheets
  • Win a free holiday every month

Don’t hang about, these offers won’t be around forever!

Although we are extremely grateful to the umbrella companies that have been kind enough to provide these promotions, nothing lasts forever, and they are only available on a first come, first serve basis. We also reserve the right to withdraw an introductory offer at any time upon the request of one of our top 10 providers.

What happens next?

By filling out your details below, you will receive a personal quotation from the umbrella company running the best introductory offer at that point in time. We also guarantee that this quote will be with you in less than 15 minutes.

The umbrella company will give you a full breakdown of your likely take home pay based on the information you provide, and after their discount has been applied. If you are happy with the figures quoted, you can either sign up with the umbrella company over the phone or apply online.

Forget paying full price for your umbrella company! This offer has been setup for people just like YOU. Fill out your details below and you could save as much as £500 on your umbrella company fees!

* We have a league table of EVERY umbrella company in the UK. Each company has been rated by price, customer service and HMRC compliance. This promotion is only valid with the companies in our top 10 list.

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