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Stop wasting time looking for an umbrella company! Sit down, relax, and let one of the UK’s best providers phone you back in the next 5 minutes!

For most contractors, finding a decent umbrella company can be a pretty painful experience. To make matters worse, you often have a limited amount of time to sign up with one before starting a new assignment.

Contractors are often referred to an umbrella company by their recruitment agency who usually have a list of ‘approved suppliers‘ they like to work with. But how do you know if the company you are being referred to is actually any good? They may well have a relationship with your recruitment agency but are they going to look after you in the same way?

Albany, an umbrella company, recently went into administration leaving behind a long list of disgruntled creditors, including contractors – many of whom were referred by their agency. Imagine how you’d feel if you lost out on hundreds if not thousands of pounds of your hard earned money just because you signed up with the wrong umbrella company, having been referred to them by your recruitment agency?

We have spent almost two years reviewing EVERY umbrella company in the UK. Each company has been rated on customer service, price and HMRC compliance. Today we have narrowed down nearly 150 providers into a list of what we know are the 10 best umbrella companies in the UK.

By filling out your details below, not only will we put you in touch with one of these top 10, but we will also ensure that you are contacted by the company running the best introductory offer at that point in time. Here’s what three contractors have said about the sign up promotions they recently secured through our website.

”I’m paying 35% less than I should be!”

After landing my first 6 month contract at the start of the year, my hunt for an umbrella company was on. For me, recommendations count for much more than what a company says about itself, which is why I found your website so useful. I received a swift call back and ended up paying 35% less in fees for my weekly payroll.

Daniel Mattison, IT Contractor. Luton, UK

“I’m grateful for the time you’ve saved me”

Although I’ve worked through 3 different umbrella companies since 2007, the prospect of finding another was a major pain in the backside. Talking to sales guys is a complete turn off and most umbrella companies tell you the same thing anyway. I like the fact that your website is independent and i’m grateful for the time you’ve saved me.

Jenny Cook, Interim Data Analyst. Reading, UK

“I was all set up inside ten minutes”

Before I stumbled on your site, I’d spent more than an hour ringing around the various umbrella companies on the list that my agent had given me. I’m not that price sensitive and would happily extra for a decent service, which is why your top 10 list was helpful. The call back service worked a treat and I was set up in just ten minutes.

Adam Hawkins, Graphic Designer. Leeds, UK

Which of these services persuade you to get in touch?

  • Life time discounts, promotions and introductory offers
  • FREE same day CHAPS payments
  • Dedicated account manager and direct point of contact
  • 24 hour telephone support services
  • No set up fees, no leaving fees, no hidden charges
  • Contractor portal for online timesheet & expense submission
  • Inclusive business insurance
  • FREE legal advice
  • FREE independent financial review
  • Lucrative refer a friend schemes
  • FREE personal tax return services

What are you waiting for? Act NOW!

We have negoiated some incredible introductory offers with each of our top 10 umbrella companies. For a limited period only, we are also able to provide a FREE 30 minute consultation to readers of our website.

That means that you can ask any question you want before deciding to sign up. Please be assured that this is NOT a sales call and there is no obligation on your part whatsoever. If you’re not happy with the information provided, please let us know immediately so we can investigate and put things right.

Remember not all umbrella companies are the same and it’s vitally important that you join a reputable provider that’s not going to leave you out of pocket or in hot water with HMRC. Filling out your details below takes just 10 seconds but could save you a lot of money and a whole load of hassle.

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