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Deliveroo Fight Back With Pay Per Delivery for Drivers

The takeaway delivery company Deliveroo have been in the news a lot recently, mostly being accused of hiring employees under the guise of “contractors.”

One of the arguments being used against Deliveroo is that in some cities they do pay drivers or couriers by the hour, typically getting a set rate and then £1 per delivery, which means in many people’s opinion this makes them employees and not contractors.

Not content to just sit back and be attacked in the press, Deliveroo have decided to hit back at their critics, by bringing in a new pay structure for their self employed drivers.

What they have come up with is a pay per delivery structure as an option for all workers. Last year Deliveroo actually tried to make this mandatory for everybody, but it now seems to be voluntary.

Will many workers take up this new pay structure from Deliveroo? Probably not. While some drivers appear to be okay with being classed as a contractor and self employed, there are many that want full employee rights. Thousands protested last year, and there is expected to be protests this year.

I just think that if these drivers took the job on the understanding that it was a self employed position, then what are they complaining about? If they want traditional based employment where they are classed as an employee then go to another company. It really is as simple as that, but of course, many don’t want to listen.

Interestingly, after a bit of testing Deliveroo have said that the Pay Per Delivery structure, on average, earns their drivers £12 an hour, while those on the hourly based structure only get around £9.50 an hour.

£2.50 extra per hour and a lot of drivers are not interested…it really does make you wonder if some of these workers are actually interested in “working” or if they just want to get a cushy job with an hourly rate where they do the bare minimum.

Drivers who use Pay Per Delivery also have the ability to see orders as they come through the system, and have the option to reject any deliveries they don’t want to make. Sounds like a good deal if you ask me.

Also, let’s not forget that contractor drivers who work for Deliveroo also get flexibility in when they work and for how many hours. This means some weeks they might only do 20 hours, while others it could be 70 hours. They can work around their schedule and lifestyle rather than the other way round.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Deliveroo in the news or the employee versus self employed debate.

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Jeremy Corbyn Attacks Umbrella Contractors (Again)

I’m sure that Jeremy Corbyn has attacked contractors before…well he seems to be at it again, with remarks made in a recent speech.

The Labour leader said in a speech at Peterborough that if a Labour Government were elected and he was Prime Minister then the “unscrupulous use of agency labour and bogus self employment” would be abolished.

It appears that Mr Corbyn is jumping on the popular bandwagon of insinuating that umbrella contractors and other freelance professionals are in some way “unscrupulous” and “bogus,” and just a way for big companies to hire workers without having to give them the benefits that employees enjoy.

What Jeremy Corbyn and many others don’t seems to understand, or maybe just don’t want to understand, is that we are in the middle of a revolution right now where people are demanding more control and freedom over the way they work.

In other words, for many people, becoming a contractor or starting a freelance business is the perfect way to use their skills to make money, while at the same time having the control to get more free time and achieve a good work-life balance.

Having Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister anytime soon probably isn’t going to happen, so most umbrella contractors can ignore this recent speech and just get on with business.

However, that’s not to say this should be ignored altogether because there has been more reports of people taking companies to court in the employee vs contractor debate, with some of them winning.

Of course, there are instances out there where employees do need more rights and even having politicians such as Mr Corbyn speaking about their situation, it’s just that most of the reports I’m reading have nothing to do with this type of thing at all.

Take the Uber situation as an example, where drivers are hired on a freelance basis which is made plainly clear right at the start. If you don’t want to accept this then don’t go any further and don’t apply to become a driver. It really is as simple as that.

That’s why it is beyond me why some drivers are taking Uber to court (and sometimes winning). It just doesn’t make any sense.

Compare that to a situation where someone is offered a permanent full-time job with guaranteed hours and a pension, only to then have those things taken away from them.

This is the type of situation Jeremy Corbyn should be talking about instead of attacking umbrella contractors and an industry who really doesn’t want his attention or support.

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