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1 Meal A Day Keeps The MIF Away?

You’ve heard us talk about MIF on the UC blog before. Stay away from MIF we told everyone. MIF is no good, we went on to add.

For those of you who don’t remember…MIF = Minimum Income Floor, which is directly related to the Universal Credit saga that was very much in the news a few months ago.

Over the last few months we haven’t heard much about Universal Credit and MIF, but now one story has just caught our attention.

It is the story of a self employed furniture designer who says that Universal Credit has not been so good for him and he is now struggling to make ends meet.

So much so that he is now surviving on only 1 meal a day…all thanks to Universal Credit and MIF.

He does have some work coming through though, and in January his earnings were just over £1000, and his profit was £400.

However, once this Universal Credit and MIF kicked in, then he only just had enough cash to cover his rent, which means he is now stuck on eating only 1 meal a day.

The self employed furniture designer went on to say that he had enough work but didn’t have enough energy to get it all done, because his calories was so low.

Experts are saying that thousands more self employed people could be subjected to the same kind of thing unless the government steps in and takes action.

For example, the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) are notorious for being difficult to communicate with.

Many self employed people who are dealing with MIF and Universal Credit often find themselves hitting a brick wall and give up when faced with too much bureaucracy.

They just want to get their situation sorted out once and for all, but find it more difficult than ever.

In my opinion I reckon we need to have a complete overhaul of the system. I reckon they should scrap this MIF and Universal Credit thing and work out a different system…something which works for everybody and doesn’t leave innocent self employed people struggling.

If you are with me then raise your hand and shout “Me Too” and then make sure you check back to Umbrella Companies every week for a brand new blog post hot off the press.

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