1 Million Of Over 50’s Out Of Work

The Women and Equalities Committee got together recently and looked at some numbers, and what they discovered shocked many.

The numbers don’t lie though, and what they saw right there on a piece of paper was the number “1 million,” which is the number of over 50’s in the UK who are out of work.

A chief of the committee rose above the members and declared “older people who wish to work should not face the current barriers of discrimination, bias, and outdated employment practice.”

Everybody in that committee applauded and cheered at those words, and then…everybody called it a day and went off to lunch.

The next day and committee chair Maria Miller had this to say – “age discrimination in the workplace is a serious problem,” before adding it was “unacceptable.”

So The Women’s and Equalities Committee, or WEC for short, have spoken and made their voice heard around our nation.

From Edinburgh to Dover, and Derby to Swansea, people are becoming aware of the fact that many workers over the age of 50 just can’t get a job, even though many are more than willing to work and offer their skills.

So what is the solution? In my opinion many of these unemployed over 50’s might want to try their hand at becoming self employed.

Why wait for someone else to give you a chance when you can give yourself a chance? Right now is the perfect time to go out on your own and make some real money.

The great thing about becoming a business owner, contractor or work from home freelancer is that you call the shots and you decide how much cash you take home every week.

You don’t have to clock in for anybody and there is no boss or office politics. You are the master of your own destiny.

Is it for everybody? No. Although I would guess that at least 20% of those 1 million people would be potential candidates for self employment if they are brave enough to give it a try.

It all starts with taking a chance. With putting your foot forward and then following up with the other foot. In no time at all you could be joining the ranks of self employed 6 figure contractors and freelancers, but you have to take action.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a successful business. Patience, consistency, determination and focus…these are all traits you will need to reach your goals and live the type of lifestyle you want.

So feel free to choose the “self employment” road, and then start driving along the motorway to success.

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