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Women see more career advancement opportunities

Women see more career advancement opportunities

Although July’s unemployment figures from the ONS showed that female unemployment had reached its highest level in 15 years, a new study from Robert Half suggests that opportunities for women are increasing.

The research suggests that women, including those working through umbrella companies, have increasing opportunities, particularly when it comes to career advancement and remuneration.

78% of the HR directors who contributed to the study said they do not believe women are at a disadvantage to men in the workplace. Of those who do not believe men and women are equal in the workplace, 50% say family commitments cause the imbalance.

The MD of Robert Half UK, Phil Sheridan, said it was encouraging to see that most HR directors do not see men as having an advantage over women at work, but more still needs to be done.

Organisations should review their remuneration and succession plans regularly to make sure women receive fair and equal treatment, with policies that take personal and family commitments into consideration.

He went on to say that firms can help to break the glass ceiling by nurturing the talents of strong women early in their careers and putting in place diversity programmes that have been specifically tailored towards women.

Currently, only 41% of HR directors have, or plan to implement, advancement programmes specifically tailored for women. Out of those who do, 93% think they are an effective way to help women become professionally equal with men. This would suggest that these policies could prove a good branding opportunity for employers to attract women candidates.

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