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Lights are appearing at the end of the job vacancy tunnel

Lights are appearing at the end of the job vacancy tunnel

Recruitment agency Adecco recently said that the number of job vacancies was on the increase last month, news that will no doubt delight IT umbrella company contractors.

In fact, the IT sector recorded a 3% increase in job vacancies in March. Furthermore, in a complete reversal of recent trends, the public sector showed a 2% rise in job vacancies. Many of these opportunities were for temporary contracts.

Adecco’s MD, Steven Kirkpatrick, said AWR did not appear to have adversely affected temporary opportunities. There was a slight decline in the number of temporary roles advertised in January, but as this was only minimal it suggests that UK businesses have not changed the way they recruit.

ScotlandIS, the trade body, also recently reported that the technology sector north of the border is still expanding and there remains a high demand for suitably qualified individuals.

Yet another report, this time from ContractorCalculator, shows that the engineering and management sectors are also on the lookout for umbrella company contractors.

There is a general skills shortage in engineering and businesses that are recovering from the recession are now looking to increase their investment in infrastructure and energy projects. Employers also believe that IT contractors can provide them with a competitive advantage when economic conditions remain tough.

The report also pointed out that a third of interim management contracts towards the end of last year were in the public sector, which backs up the Adecco claim that the public sector is staging something of a comeback.

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