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Finance firms facing skills shortage, contractors to benefit

In a world where a given industry has trouble fulfilling its permanent staffing needs, contractors stand to reap the rewards in a major way.

That’s exactly what’s happening in the finance sector right now, so head’s up: you’re most likely to see a serious uptick in the number of opportunities for contractors and freelancers with specialised tax or accountancy skills while firms scramble to get their work done. At least, that’s what Deloitte’s newest Global Finance Talent Survey found, as it discovered that there’s more than a few finance departments out there that are biting their nails when it comes to filling roles with permanent employees.

Nearly two out of every five finance department heads the firm surveyed said that they can’t find enough financial planners and analysts to meet the demand of their companies. Skilled, qualified permanent employees are a bit thin on the ground when it comes to individuals fit to fill audit, internal control, and tax roles as well, the survey found, which means that if you’re a freelancer or an umbrella company worker with any of these skill-sets, guess what: you’re about to become a hot little commodity!

This isn’t going to be a short-lived thing, either; Deloitte says that their research indicates that one out of every three bosses felt that it could take years for the labour market to catch up to demand. You’re going to be running about like a man with his head on fire, it seems – not that that’s necessarily a bad thing in this economy.

Industry experts say that most younger Brits entering the workforce aren’t going into finance most likely because it’s just not an appealing line of work. For many this is most definitely true – I know I’d rather take a bullet in the head than work with figures all day long – but for those good at maths it’s an absolute dream job.

Honestly you’re welcome to it; I’m not going to go looking for work as a financial analyst any time soon. I’ve got enough trouble keeping my current account from dipping into the red, and with the arm and a leg my bank charges me for being overdrawn I’d rather take a fork in the eye than have to pay those damned fees and penalties.

Of course this might also be why nobody wants to go into the financial field; most people think high street banks are right bastards. And judging by the balance of my current account, I’d be inclined to agree!

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