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3 in 10 large firm job opportunities for contractors?

Well here’s a nice little bit of new research: around 30 per cent of new billings from large firms could end up going to  contractors over permanent workers!

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development says, based on its most recent research study, that temporary workers such as freelancers or umbrella company contractors are going to be quite popular with larger-sized firms of at least 250 employees. Smaller firms were not quite as keen on taking on new interim workers – their figures stood at just shy of 25 per cent – but the overall average for all companies surveyed by the CIPD was a very respectable 29 per cent, which is close enough to three out of every ten if you ask me.

Here’s a bit of even more surprising news: even though the government has made a big to-do about cutting their budgets and eliminating waste, they’re still the biggest source of contractor job opportunities, with 32 per cent of roles going to freelance workers. Compare this to the private sector’s 27 per cent and it makes me wonder just what the government is on about when it comes to trying to save money; yes, contractors cost less to use than permanent employees but government employment statistics have remained relatively stable for quite some time, indicating that local authorities and the Westminster alike aren’t really tightening their belts in some areas, now are they?

Still, I’m happy to see that working as a self-employed contractor or freelancer is still a viable way to make a living. Sure, many of us got thrown head-first into self-employment in the wake of the credit crunch and resultant economic downturn, since it brought wage freezes, pay cuts, and shedloads of job losses, but you don’t have to turn to freelancing or contract work out of necessity – in fact there are some quite attractive benefits to being your own boss, such as the flexibility you have in choosing clients, not to mention your freedom to work all hours and, if you can do your work online, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Being a contractor is an excellent lifestyle for anyone who chafes under the yoke of permanent employment, and I’m fairly chuffed to see that firms both large and small in the UK are supporting the efforts of individuals to throw off the chains of wage slavery and instead embracing their roles as captains of their own destiny. Or some sort of bollocks like that.

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