29% Self Employed Tradespeople = No Insurance!

So I was sitting here at the UC desk with that Rihanna song playing on the radio (can’t remember the name) and then a report lands on my desk.

“Oh not another one,” were the first words out of my mouth…but then…I noticed a number on the 1st page of the report…it said…

29% of self employed tradespeople in the UK don’t have any insurance at all!!

“WHAT?” were the next words out of my mouth.

I switched off the radio just as that Rihanna song was finishing (still can’t remember the name) and started to flick through this new report.

The report was compiled by Qdos, and their main focus was self employed tradespeople such as builders, roofers, electricians, and those type of workers.

The goal of the report? To find more information about self employed tradespeople and their attitude towards insurance.

As you already know, 29% don’t have any insurance…and guess what? 17% have never even considered it all. It’s almost as if they live in some kind of alternative reality where insurance doesn’t even exist

53% of self employed trades people didn’t think they needed insurance really (although many still bought it) and 25% thought it was too expensive.

As I flicked through the report I was met with more numbers, such as:

8% are looking to buy self employed tradespeople insurance right now, as we speak, while 2% say they just can’t find the right policy to meet their needs. They haven’t met the right person yet. Still waiting to find their match.

Another 2% of trades people are actually self insured (not sure how that works). Answers on the back of a postcard please.

71% said they currently have insurance, with 64% saying that public liability insurance is their main form of cover. A wise choice no doubt, because if you are working round the house of Mr Smith or Mrs Jones and the Chandelier comes crashing down after a bit of banging…well…you need to quickly pull out your insurance, or do a runner.

Self employed tradespeople who make over £50,000 a year are the most likely to have insurance, with 95% saying they have public liability insurance.

And then I came to the end of the report, and do you know what? I didn’t feel like throwing this one in the bin. It was a good read. Interesting in a way. It flowed nicely and held my interest…

“Ah, who I am kidding,” I said.

And with those words I launched it into my bin.


Then I turned back on the radio and that Rihanna song was still playing.

“That’s strange I said.”

Then I looked out the window and guess what?

“It’s still raining!”

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