Umbrella Companies | 30% of Gig Economy Workers Have At Least Two Jobs

30% of Gig Economy Workers Have At Least Two Jobs

If you thought that having one job was enough then try having two. That is what around 30% of gig economy workers now have to do.

These so called “zero hour contractor workers” often find they are not making enough money at one place of employment, which leads them to seek out a second employer. This is according to a survey by a leading insurance provider.

What they found is that 30% have two jobs, while 7% have three or even more jobs, often working around the clock to make sure they get a decent pay cheque in their bank account every week.

The survey also discovered that 10% of gig workers also take on extra temporary work during Christmas time in order to make some extra cash. Who can blame them? Not me.

Do you know what though? In my opinion I think this is what the so called “gig economy” is all about. Gone are the days where you worked for just one employer…say hello to the new era, a time where you have the freedom to choose exactly who you want to work for.

Don’t like one particular employer? No problem, just fire them and move on. This puts the gig economy worker firmly in control if you ask me, to the point where they are the one’s calling the shots, not somebody else.

This also includes contractors and freelancers don’t forget, who have long been seen as the benchmark of independent workers who set their own rules. It now seems that many gig workers and zero contract hour workers are getting up to speed.

Not everybody agrees with me though, oh no, because not a week goes by without some politician or union member criticising the gig economy. They are entitled to their opinion of course, but I really do think they are fighting a losing battle.

Sure, they might be getting a lot of attention right now, but eventually people power will win the day, which means a victory for the gig economy, no doubt.

We are already starting to see the tide turn. It was only a couple of months ago when I reported on how Deliveroo won a landmark court case that allowed them to classify their workers as “gig workers” and “self employed.” Expect similar stories to follow.

Not only that, but I reckon we are going to start witnessing even more gig workers embracing getting two or more jobs.

Right now it is 30% of gig economy workers, but in only a few years times it could very well be 50%.

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