4 Apps Every Self Employed Person Should Download in 2019

This is boom time for self employment in the UK. Around 5 million people work for themselves, with many more planning to quit their job.

While owning your own business or becoming a freelancer does have many perks, there are also pitfalls to watch out for. For example, keeping track of payments or making sure you pay HMRC in full and on time.

Luckily, there is an App for that…so you can solve those problems and live a stress free life as a self employed person.

Below are 4 Apps you should download immediately onto your smartphone or tablet:


Are you perplexed by your finances and getting worried about meeting the tax deadline? If so, then we recommend you download an App called FreeAgent.

Just by tapping your screen you can find out important information like what money you are owed, how much you owe suppliers, and what your balance sheet looks like.


Do you find yourself working more hours than you want? Would you prefer to work less, and enjoy life more? If so then try downloading an App called Toggl.

Basically, the main function of Toggl is to track how long it takes you to complete certain tasks. Then, once it gets to know you, it can produce weekly reports telling exactly how long you spent working and the exact breakdown of each task.


As the name suggests…the GoSimpleTax App allows you to do your tax return, in a simple manner, all from the comfort of your tablet or smartphone.

Will this App make accountants obsolete? It might very well do. Try it out for yourself and see how easy it is to do your tax return and then send it off to HMRC, all from within the GoSimpleTax App.

Focus Booster

If you work from home then it’s easy to get distracted. The TV is on, the kids are shouting, the neighbours are playing loud music, you are checking Instagram…the list goes on and on.

If this describes your situation then do you know what you need…you need an App called Focus Booster.

What it does is break your tasks into 25 minute sections where you just focus on just one task. And then it gives you 5 minutes break. Before resetting for another 25 minutes. Give it a try for yourself.


Download these 4 Apps for self employed people today and take your business to the next level.

A lot of loyal readers have been asking us about a potential Umbrella Companies App…”when is it happening?” they ask.

Do you know what? We tried to upload an App but it kept trying to list us in the “outdoor accessories” category, rather than the “self employment” category. Not sure why that is? We will try again soon.

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