Umbrella Companies | 49.6% of Malta Self Employed Have Low Education

49.6% of Malta Self Employed Have Low Education

Here at Umbrella Companies we get visitors from all around the world. We are truly international, spanning the globe 1 blog post at a time.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that we have a small following in the country of Malta, that small but vibrant country that sits by the Mediterranean

Every year thousands of holiday makers pack their bags and head towards the sun, sea and sand of Malta, and every week hundreds of self employed people from Malta read the UC Blog.

That’s why it came as a shock to us when we read some recent statistics from the NSO (National Statistics Office) where they claim that 49.6% of the Malta Self Employed have a low level of education.

Why did it come as a shock? Well, because if the good people of Malta are clever enough to read Umbrella Companies on a regular basis, then in our opinion, they can’t be that badly educated.

In fact, they are downright smart if you ask us, because it is right here where contractors, freelancers, and gig workers gain an “insiders edge” that ordinary self employed people just don’t have.

The NSO went on to find out that 27.9% of the Maltese self employed work force have a medium level of education, while 22.5% have a high level of education

Ahhhhh….that might just explain things a better. Perhaps it is the 22.5% who are reading Umbrella Companies, while the rest ignore us?

Those 22.5% of Malta Self Employed who make 6 and 7 figure incomes and graduated from the best Universities and invest their money wisely…perhaps they are the UC faithful, so to speak.

Perhaps, but in my opinion Umbrella Companies is for everybody in Malta and beyond. You don’t need higher education and you don’t need a diploma. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even read a book or you don’t know how to write good.

If you can start a business in Malta and spend 4 minutes a week reading a blog post, then you are educated and qualified to read the UC blog on a weekly basis.

Back to the statistics and it shows us that around 34,000 people are currently classed as self employed in Malta.

The average age of these self employed people was 42 years of age for women and 45 years of age for men.

As we speak, 22,814 of the 34,000 does not have any employees (they work for themselves and on their own), although 24% did mention they would consider hiring employees.

The work week in Malta is similar to here on UK shores, with an average full time working week coming in at 44.6 hours for full time and 24.2 hours for part time.

“Don’t work too hard,” is our advice to the Malta self employed, and make sure you set aside 4 minutes a week to read Umbrella Companies on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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