70% of Dutch “Happy” With Self Employed Pensions

A crack team of survey givers hit the streets of Holland recently. Their mission? To survey 5000 self employed Dutch workers.

More specifically, they wanted to find out more about self employed pensions, something which is a touchy subject here on UK shores, of course.

Regular readers of Umbrella Companies will be only too aware of how the UK self employed struggle getting their heads around the subject of self employed pensions.

“Come again?” they say, after being told AGAIN, about the importance of getting their pensions sorted.

We tell you all about it right here on the UC blog. About once every 3 weeks. But even then, we still get people writing in and saying things like…

“Do I really need a pension?”

“I don’t care about self employed pensions!”

“I want to buy 20 umbrellas…any discounts?”

To those people who keep on writing in, we say…

STOP WRITING IN! Just read our blog posts. There is all the information you need to know right there.

Oh, and NO…we do not sell umbrellas either. That is the last time we say that.

Back to the country of Holland and it seems that self employed Dutch people are reading the UC blog and getting the message about self employed pensions.

Why? Because the survey found out that 70% of Dutch self employed are “happy “ with their pensions and don’t expect any kind of shortfall by the time they call it a day and retire.

In other words, they will be able to hang up their work boots or computer keyboard and then go sit on a beach or spend their retirement days in the garden.

They WON’T have to go find a job at McDonalds. Their working days will be over.

Interestingly, this exact same survey was done on the streets of Holland at this exact same time last year, and guess what? Last year the result was 60%, and this year it was 70%.

This shows that, without a doubt, the message about self employed pensions is getting through loud and clear over there in Holland.

Its no surprise to learn that Umbrella Companies is loved by many in Holland. Thousands flock to our blog posts on a weekly basis and NOT ONE OF THEM ever asks us about umbrellas. Think about that for a minute.

On the other hand, in the UK it seems people are obsessed with umbrellas, while at the same time, the vast majority of self employed people are expecting to fall short in their pensions.

The message here is clear: Stop focusing on umbrellas. Start focusing on your pension.

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