A Winter of Discontent?

As autumn chills start permeating the air and we gaze outside, wondering if this really will be a winter of discontent, or simply yet another winter of I’m A Celebrity with a nice glass of red, the world, my friends, is changing.

We also find oursevles wondering, (especially given the current intern/umbrella situation mentioned in previous posts, which presently show few signs of progress), if us, the editors who have done the time; the hard graft over 3am deadlines against the heady smell of printer ink and the stale sweat of the advertising executives; if we’d be better served by hiring work from home freelancers to write our copy, rather than employing selfie-chasing, Instagram-obsessed twentysomethings who’s present return on investment is minimal, to say the least.

Hiring freelancers is a growing route that employers are taking. There are now approaching 5 million self-employed workers in the UK and that number is set to grow every year. Meanwhile, the US predicts over half their workforce will be self-employed by 2027. Freelance workers already contribute over £145 billion to the UK economy and yet still they are bottom of the pile when it comes to mortgages, employment rights and legal protection.

Many self-employed – and especially those in the gig economy – have no clue about the business side of things and how to ensure they are putting aside enough income for their pensions and taxes and claiming and not claiming on the correct things. Not everyone has heard of IR35, let alone understand if it applies to them or if they need to do anything before the legislations kicks in next year. (Find out more by reading our articles).

We here at UCHQ truly believe that the UK government needs to be doing more to change this and help educate gig economy and freelance workers. Meanwhile, thank goodness, you have us (just don’t rely on our intern).

With legislations constantly changing, this is where a freelancer really needs to be the employer, and hire the services of a great umbrella company provider, who can help them to navigate the nuances and beat the bureaucracy by bringing in some expert help and advice. Someone who is in your corner and can help you to maximise your profits and minimise your obligations and liabilities, while cutting down on the paperwork that inevitably slows you down from doing whatever that is you do best. Even if that’s selling umbrellas.

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