Brits take top spot on economic growth

The UK’s economic growth is simply barreling along – and the contributions of freelancers and umbrella company contractors has been helping.

You heard it here first, ladies and gents: jobs creation here at home in January of this year was a staggering 29 per cent higher than it was in January of 2014, according to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies. Jobs market growth is off the charts – and the help that contract workers have been lending to businesses has let them grow for certain – but there’s even more icing on the cake.

In fact, the UK is kicking arse and taking names on an international level as well. When it comes to the G7 nations, Britain saw its GDP increase by 2.6 per cent across the length of 2014; not only that but we came in first. And yes, that includes beating the US at its own game – the colonists only experienced a 2.4 per cent increase to their own GDP. Better luck next year across the pond, gents!

This is fantastic good news for just about everyone, but especially for us here at home – and that goes double for temporary workers like umbrella contractors and freelance personnel. Nothing succeeds like success, and the fact that we’re succeeding in spades means that firms in the UK are happy with their own growth. Happy firms are hiring firms – and while the skills shortage still makes it difficult to find permanent workers for all these new roles, interim workers are having a bloody field day in picking and choosing the best and brightest clients – and the ones that pay the best – knowing full well that as soon as one contract ends there’ll be at least a handful of new clients looking for their services the next day.

Does this bode well for the long term, when eventually contractor availability till peter out? Honestly I’m not too worried at the moment. The permanent workforce will recover with enough time – and until then the stalwart contract workers of the British Isles will keep the economy humming along on all cylinders. Oh, and sleep on the giant piles of cash they’re all making in the meantime. What, you don’t trust a High Street bank to keep your money safe, do you?

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