Check out our free umbrella company guide written for contractors

Check out our free umbrella company guide written for contractors, freelancers and agency workers

As umbrella companies experience demand like never before, we wanted to create an easy-to-understand guide for contractors, freelancers and agency workers. Umbrella companies are pretty straightforward once you get your head around them. However, first-time umbrella company users are almost certainly going to have numerous questions about how they work. Please keep reading and find out more about our free umbrella company guide.

The Complete Umbrella Company Guide

The guide is a 46-page informative piece designed to answer the most commonly asked questions about umbrella companies. Changes to off-payroll legislation (IR35) went live in early April 2021, and as a result, umbrella companies experienced unprecedented growth. This was because numerous temporary workers found themselves inside IR35 – many for the first time in their contracting careers.

To help make life easier for first-time umbrella users, we put the guide together to try and cover all aspects of using an umbrella company as a payroll provider. It is available to read now and to download as a PDF document – if you are interested in doing so.

Click here to download The Complete Umbrella Company Guide.

A thorough overview of umbrella companies

Written for the 2021/22 tax year, the free umbrella company guide we’ve put together is designed to give a fair overview of umbrella companies. Towards the beginning, we’ve focused on explaining the processes involved with umbrella companies, including how they work, a realistic scenario, how to register with an umbrella company, and how to interpret umbrella company calculations. The guide then discusses some popular themes, including umbrella company expenses, holiday pay, umbrella company margins, employment costs, and we even include an example umbrella company payslip. Towards the end of the guide, we’ve looked at the advantages and disadvantages of using an umbrella company, and have discussed IR35, tax avoidance schemes and compliance within the sector.

A break-down of the free umbrella company guide

The Complete Umbrella Company Guide is split into 17 sections to give a thorough overview of umbrella companies and the contractor payroll industry.

  • What is an umbrella company?
  • How do umbrella companies work
  • Umbrella company example
  • Registering with an umbrella company
  • Umbrella company take home pay calculations
  • Holiday pay with umbrella companies
  • Umbrella company expenses
  • Umbrella company margin
  • Employment costs
  • Umbrella company payslips
  • Advantages of using an umbrella company
  • Disadvantages of using an umbrella company
  • IR35
  • Tax avoidance and disguised remuneration
  • Compliance within the sector
  • Disclaimer

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Top 10 umbrella companies

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The Complete Umbrella Company Guide - Download Now

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