Umbrella Companies | Could marathon-running be good for contractors?

Could marathon-running be good for contractors?

Want to become a more successful umbrella contractor? Maybe you should start running a few marathons!

Or at least that’s what the boffins at a major job search site says, according to their research. A study spearheaded by CV-Library says that activities that involve self-discipline could be key in developing the skills that are crucial in being successful in business – and that the kind of self-discipline needed to successfully train for and run a marathon are excellent examples.

You would think that dedicating yourself to such a massive goal would be a great way to accomplish nothing but to burn yourself out, the research study – which questioned 1,000 professionals in various fields – an overwhelming 85.7 per cent of respondents said that their intense training likely did just the opposite when it came to ratcheting up their ability to function as an umbrella contractor, a freelancer, a sole trader, or even a traditional employee.

In fact, out of those who ran marathons, almost three out of every four were able to remain productive successfully when it came to work. This is in spite of having to dedicate large swathes of time to train for their marathon in their personal time. Additionally, nearly 89 per cent of respondents who said they exercise regularly reported their work productivity levels climbing higher as a result.

With marathon-running such an intensely personal goal, it seems to follow that the type of laser-focus needed to train consistently transfers to the type of skills needed to be successful in business. I’m sure that this isn’t exclusive to such types of intense physical training – I’m sure folks who enjoy weight-lifting or other intense activities can also summon up the deep desire and focus to be successful in business as well. However, I’m not so sure about activities that don’t have a physical component – I really can’t see dedicated gardeners or model airplane builders having the same dedication to business success.

Of course maybe I’m wrong. The attention to detail and perseverance needed for such hobbies is relatively high, after all. Perhaps there are some incredibly successful chief executives out there with a craft room filled with meticulously-reconstructed miniature Sopwith Camels hanging from the ceiling by fishing line, complete with functional engines and Vickers machine guns. It wouldn’t be the queerest thing I’ve ever seen, not by a long shot!


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