Preview: Derby University’s Higher Accounting Apprenticeship

In a departure from our usual news offering, this week we’re turning to academia, offering a chance to strike while the iron’s hot. Many contractors may have thought their days in the classroom were over. But following on from recent recruitment and hiring figures, Derby University’s degree apprenticeship may entice the undecided to the contracting life. Or, for those who enjoy the lifestyle but perhaps not the job, this is a real opportunity to nail your now and fortify your future.

Last week’s figures, released separately by IMA and APSCo are clear. Finance and accounting maintain its position as the highest provider of temporary jobs in the professional sector.

With the number of vacancies rising, the recruitment industry envisages a larger problem: the skills gap.

Hiring in specialist contractors has aided recovery

During economic recovery, firms have become used to bringing in contractors to fill in for their specific need. To date, that tactic’s working well.

The problem is, this philosophy has become entrenched in personnel departments’ psyche.

Companies are now so used to bringing in specialists on an ad hoc basis, it’s part of their fabric. Indeed, this flexibility has helped many businesses compete in areas that were once off limits to them and prosper, aiding their – and the economy’s – recovery.

Thing is, there’s only a limited pool of skilled contractors and freelancers to draw from.

The University of Derby’s higher apprenticeships could well help fix the skills’ gap problem. Available through the facility’s business school, they offer the chance for those interested to earn while they learn.

More independent professionals = greater strain on finance sector

Accountancy is a self-fuelling fire, too. With more people opting for the self-employed lifestyle, so the demand for accountants grows. This could well be another reason why the finance sector retains its strong position.

The business school has certainly done its homework. Already, it’s working with finance heavyweights such as Sage and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

This reflects in the award at the end of this higher apprenticeship. Those who succeed will gain both a professional accounting qualification and a masters degree. It’s not your usual day-release course.

What’s on offer through the higher apprenticeship

derby university apprenticeships wordcloudBusinesses are invited to attend a preview of the course and even have an input into its curriculum. The Kedleston Road university campus is hosting an open-night event on the evening of June 17th, 5:30-7:30pm.

Jonathon Mills, who’s heading up the apprenticeship course, will speak at the event. The aforementioned associations will also be contribute. As will the Association of Accounting Technicians, with whom the university is also partnering.

If you love the opportunity the contractor lifestyle presents, but are worried about the viability of your current skillset, this could well be the investment in yourself that you’ve been waiting for.

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