DWP Let Hundreds of IT Contractors Go

When it comes to IT contractors there appears to be no shortage of work, but that isn’t the case at the Department for Work and Pensions.

It has just been announced that hundreds of IT contractors have been let go, while at the same time many of their digital and technology projects have been put on hold.

This is no doubt their way of saying “we have overspent our budget and can’t afford anything else this year.”

If this is the reason, then it makes you wonder why everything can’t be planned better, I mean, they are the Department for Work and Pensions after all, surely they should be hiring more contractors, not getting rid of them.

Also, let’s not forget this comes at a time when everything is supposed to be going digital, so it really does make you wonder what is going on here.

I wouldn’t feel too sorry for the IT contractors, because if there is one thing we know it’s that umbrella contractors in the IT industry are always in demand, which means they will have no problem getting work from other big companies in the UK.

There have been a few sources claiming that DWP have spent £250m on digital projects so far this year. However, this has been denied by an official spokesperson for DWP.

Instead, they are claiming that it’s simply the nature of contracting and what they look for in IT contractors specifically, with flexibility being top of the list.

You know what…I agree with DWP here. If there is one thing many people like about the contractor lifestyle it’s the flexibility and freedom that working these kind of jobs provide, so I don’t believe anyone should really be complaining.

It wouldn’t surprise me if many of the IT contractors who were let go, might be re-hired again at some point, either later this years or next year.

I just find it a bit strange the DWP suddenly decided to get rid of so many contractors at once…almost as if they suddenly realised their budget was all wrong or something like that.

If some reports are to be believed then it seems DWP have actually stopped ordering stock from many of their IT suppliers, while at the same time there are are thousands of Microsoft Surface Pro laptops still in the boxes stored away in cupboards at DWP offices around the country.

Who knows what the real story is here, as we are hearing different accounts of the situation, but in better news it seems that permanent jobs at DWP are still secure and it is business as usual there.

Let’s wait to find out what happens with this one. I’m sure IT contractors will be hired again at DWP once they get everything sorted out.

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