Fight For Your Right, To be SE and Pregnant

You got to fight, for your right…to be self employed and pregnant and still get paid. That is the message from Loose Women presenter Stacy Solomon.

Right now, as we speak, Stacy is pregnant with her boyfriend Joe Swash, and despite getting closer and closer to the big day she has just shocked the nation by announcing on National Television that she won’t be taking maternity leave.

All of the other Loose Women gasped when she said those words, and the gasps from the live studio audience echoed around the studio when she admitted that she was self employed.

Yes you read that right. Stacy Solomon is classed a self employed, which means while she is away from work having her child then she won’t get paid a penny.

You know…I seem to remember reporting about something similar here on the UC blog last year. I seem to remember it was about “self employed Dads” if I remember right, and that powerhouse stars such as Jeremy Kyle and the Coronation cast were going to fight for their rights.

“Which self employed chav is the Dad?” shouted Jeremy Kyle, in a mix of entertainment and documentary, and with those words an entire nation was gripped with the issue of self employed fathers who were not on the payroll.

And now Stacy Solomon is grabbing the torch from Jeremy Kyle and the cast of Coronation Street and she is gripping the nation once again…only this time it is the Mums, not the Dads, who are getting the limelight.

Stacy recently took her cause to the Chris Evans show, where Live on Air she told the millions of listeners about the plight of self employed Mums to be.

I think everybody should be well aware of this now that Stacy has brought it to our attention on television and radio, and of course…now that Umbrella Companies is reporting about it through a blog post.

I would like to take this opportunity to join forces with Stacy Solomon, Joe Swash, the cast of Coronation Street, Loose Women, Chris Evans…and of course, Mr Jeremy Kyle (soon to be Sir?), and lead the call for more maternity pay for self employed pregnant women.

Here at Umbrella Companies we would like to call on everybody to fight for your right to get paid while pregnant and self employed.

Just like we also want to call on the government to pay self employed Dads more cash. Everybody should get paid is our opinion.

So the UC stands shoulder to shoulder with the stars, and we call on all of our loyal and faithful readers to contact your local MP and direct them to this blog post…or just tell them to watch Loose Women.

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