Freelance in France? There Is a Bank For That

If you live and work in the country of France then you might be looking for a dedicated freelancer banking service? Here it is…

It’s called Shine and is a banking service which caters specifically for freelance workers in France.

Right now as we speak, there are 25,000 French freelancers who have signed up to Shine and downloaded their App, and with an extra 10 million Euros in recent funding it appears that Shine are going from strength to strength.

With there being a strong freelance community in France you might be mistaken for thinking that Umbrella Companies would have a strong and loyal following also? You would be wrong though, because the UC is not popular at all in France. Not one bit.

We are popular everywhere of course, even in countries such as Malta…but in France? There is no following at all. Not even a small one, and no loyalty to speak of.

It doesn’t bother us, you must understand. We can’t be popular everywhere and if the French say “Je Na Pas” to Umbrella Companies then we say “Ce La Vi.”

Back to the freelance banking service called Shine and freelancers in France can download it directly to their smartphone or tablet.

They can use the App to do things like generate invoices, accept payments from clients and pay for stuff. All with the click of a button and zero hassle.

So far, using Shine has been free for French freelancers, but starting from January 21st they will have to start paying.

If the freelancer makes below 70,000 Euros a month then the fee will be 4.90 Euros a month. If they make above 70,000 Euros a month then it can be anywhere up to 7.90 Euros a months depending on exactly how much they make.

Fair enough if you ask us. If this freelancer banking service really is useful then I’m sure French freelancers will be happy to pay for it.

Do you know what freelancers around the world would be more than happy to pay good money for? The Umbrella Companies blog.

I’m sure thousands would pay up to 10 Euros a month to get access to our blog posts, but do you know what? We would never charge you…ever!

Take our word that Umbrella Companies will remain free for everybody. No matter if you are in the UK, Holland, Bulgaria, the USA…or even France (yes you are welcome).

So make sure you check back every week for a new blog post, and then enjoy the feeling of everything being free for your enjoyment.

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