Gig Worker Insurance by the Hour

The gig economy is booming and millions of gig workers are putting in the hours, around the clock, 24 hours a day.

They never stop, and while you sleep they are working, and while you are awake they are working. Always working.

Up until now the subject of gig worker insurance has been a confusing one. They have been under informed and underserved. Until now…

There is a new insurance company in town and they go by the name of “Zego.” Their speciality is providing insurance for gig workers.

More specifically, public liability insurance to gig economy workers in over 80 professions.

For example, babysitting. There are now thousands of giggers who babysit on a full time or part time basis, and from what I’ve heard they get paid nicely for doing this kind of job.

Up until now gig worker baby sitters haven’t really been insured that well. Their options were limited. But with Zego and their public liability insurance they have all the options they need.

They can easily get insured “by the hour,” so if work is from 8pm to 11pm then that is all they get insured for.

Gig workers who get most of their work through platforms can also integrate Zego with the Apps.

So for example, a driver can join Zego and Deliveroo on their smartphone and then sort out public liability insurance in a few clicks.

Or a babysitter can join Zego and Bubble on their tablet and get the right kind of insurance for the job in a few clicks.

Its fast, easy and simple. Just the way it should be.

This is just the start. A spokesperson for Zego recently confirmed they are in negotiations with other industries and apps to bring the power of public liability insurance at the fingertips of every gig worker.

“This is about making insurance fit for the modern world where people don’t necessarily work full time or in just one profession,” Harry Franks, the CEO of Zego said.

Traditionally, most gig workers have been paying through the nose to get public liability insurance, with many having to take up an expensive 12 month policy, even if they only work a few hours a week.

Well, public liability insurance just got much cheaper, and once competition arrives it will get even cheaper.

Sure, Zego might be the top company on the scene right now, but soon there will be competition, and that means they will be fighting for your business.

These insurance companies will go to war and it will be you…the gig worker who benefits, as your hourly public liability insurance gets cheaper and cheaper.

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