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Half of Self Employed Not Worried About AI

Something we have mentioned on this blog quite a bit is AI…robots…”The Machines.” Why? Because they are expected to take over.

Think we are being over dramatic…then think again, because there are many experts out there who are “in the know” when it comes to the subject of artificial intelligence and self employment.

It isn’t going to be far off into the future either. Recent reports suggest in the next few years the robots will be here and taking your jobs.

Are you worried? Well, according to a survey just published 50% of self employed workers are not worried at all.

1500 contractors and freelancers were interviewed in a top secret survey, no doubt designed to protect their identities in case the robots do become our overlords.

Out of the 1500, around 750 ticked the “not worried” box and went on to comment they didn’t believe AI would have any significant impact in the self employment sector.

In other words, they are not convinced, and would happily go head to head with a robotic contractor to test their metal.

Not only that, but 21% of those surveyed said they believed Artificial Intelligence in the workplace is a good thing which will have a great impact on the economy.

They might very well be right, but will they be cheering on the robots from the job centre? Only time will tell.

However, 11% of participants in the survey had the opposite opinion, claiming that AI is bad for our economy and is a negative force that must be stopped.

So not everybody is on board with the robotic self employment machines we can expect to be seeing over the next few years…some people are very much against the whole thing.

18% ticked the “unsure” box in the survey. These are the people who just don’t know, and also probably don’t care. They are no doubt happy to get on with their own business and let the cards fall where they may.

In my opinion the robots can’t and will not be stopped. Sure, there is going to be some problems at first as we integrate them into society, but once they find their feet, so to speak, then I reckon we can expect AI machines to be right at the forefront of self employment and the workforce in general.

Who cares though? As long as these robots offer a good service and pay their taxes then why should humans stand in their way.

Artificial Intelligence or not, these machines deserve respect, especially when they will be contributing to our economy and as some people have said…”Making Britain Great Again.”

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