Paybox Umbrella Limited - HMRC named tax avoidance scheme

Paybox Umbrella Limited

  • Promotor of Scheme: Paybox Umbrella Limited (UK-based) (PUL UK) / Paybox Umbrella Limited (Malta based) (PUL Malta)
  • Address: PUL UK: Building 3, City West Business Park, Gelderd Road, Leeds LS12 6LN / PUL Malta: Vincenti Buildings, 28/19 (suite no 1862), Strait Street, Valletta, Malta
  • Publication Date: 7 July 2022
  • Scheme Reference Number (SRN) and date it was allocated: 33560979, 5 April 2022
  • HMRC’s Scheme Description: “Scheme users enter into an employment agreement with PUL Malta. Users receive two payments from PUL Malta, one paid at National Minimum Wage (NMW) rate and a second payment which is not declared for tax.”

Paybox Umbrella Limited – more details

The HMRC website states the scheme operates as follows:

  1. The scheme user enters into an Employment Agreement with PUL Malta, an umbrella company registered in Malta.
  2. A UK-based company known as PUL UK provides onshore support to PUL Malta by facilitating engagements with end clients and recruitment agencies.
  3. The scheme user undertakes work for the end client and submits timesheets either to PUL UK or to the user’s recruitment agency.
  4. PUL UK invoice the end client for the user’s work and receives payment from the end client.
  5. PUL Malta then makes two separate payments to the scheme user at the same time:
    • a salary payment based on the NMW rate through the payroll.
    • an ‘advance’ which is not paid through the payroll and not subject to tax and NICs.

For more information, visit the following page on the government’s website: Current list of named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers.

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