Umbrella Companies | IR35 in Private Sector? REVOLT!

IR35 in Private Sector? REVOLT!

Contractors around the country have banded together to make their voices heard regarding IR35. The mood right now? Revolt!

That’s right. Our hard working contractors in the private sector are fed up with being taken for a ride by the government. Many are refugees from the public sector don’t forget, but it just seems this IR35 thing keeps following them around.

Well, these contractors are not going to take it anymore. If the expected changes in the private sector happen…and IR35 becomes the norm…then you can expect thousands of our nations self employed to down tools.

Contracts will be rejected.

“I’m not signing my name to that,” they will say.

Legal action will be taken.

“Contractors VS IR35 and the Government,” the judge will say.

Make no mistake about it. Revolt is in the air, even revolution maybe.

This is completely backed up by a recent survey, which shows us quite clearly that 98% of contractors and freelancers would turn down private sector work which included IR35 as part of the deal.

The survey went on to find out that 89% would consider taking legal action and 48% would not vote for a politician who was in favour of IR35 reforms within the private sector.

As regular readers of this blog will be only too aware, I reported a lot about IR35 when it was being introduced in the public sector.

In those blog posts, I predicted that thousands would migrate from public to private, and yes…that is exactly what happened.

Not only that, but as I also predicted, the public sector is now in complete chaos, with contracts at an all time low and the pay so pathetic that no contractor in their right mind would consider taking on one of those jobs.

Well, here I am again, with my prediction hat firmly on my head, and I predict that if IR35 does come into the private sector then expect all kinds of carnage.

It will be like setting off a round of fireworks in a broom cupboard, only with this firework display you won’t be able to call the fire brigade. Instead, you will have to stay there and watch the mess, no matter how much destruction is happening right in front of you.

In other words, the private sector will go the way of the public sector…right out the window.

Just like our talented contractors no doubt. Going abroad would seem like a good option perhaps? Setting off on a jet plane to broaden their horizons (and make more cash) without all of this IR35 nonsense.

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