Umbrella Companies | Judge Hands Deliveroo a Victory Over Employment Rights

Judge Hands Deliveroo a Victory Over Employment Rights

Just when you thought companies such as Deliveroo and Uber were beaten…a judge in Birmingham slammed down the hammer and said…

“No workers for you, everybody is self employed!”

If you have been following this whole saga about whether or not workers should be classed as self employed or employed, then you will probably be surprised by the decision

The reason? Because many of these companies are getting the wrong decisions right now, with judges all around the country slamming down the hammer of punishment and ordering them to turn the self employed into…”employed,” and all the benefits that come with that.

However, the tide may be changing with this recent ruling for Deliveroo in Birmingham, and a spokesperson for the company has spoke to the press about the matter, having this to say, “this is a victory for all riders who have continuously told us that flexibility is what they value most about working with Deliveroo.”

Do you know what? That is exactly what I’ve been saying all along, as I constantly get emails and letters from the self employed who say they really do enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and control of working for themselves, choosing their own hours, and doing what they want to do.

As far as I’m concerned, if a job for Deliveroo or Uber is correctly advertised as “freelance” or “gig worker” and the conditions are clearly spelled out, then it is up to the worker if they want to accept those conditions.

Don’t want to work as a freelance contractor? Simple…don’t accept a job that has freelance contractor in the headline. Instead, go and find a job that will offer you a set amount of hours and a set wage.

For example, most of the riders who work for Deliveroo on a freelance basis typically make, on average, more than riders who take on an hourly wage.

Not only that, but these freelancers also have the ability to work for rival delivery companies at the same time, which means they can deliver for two or more companies on the same day, which boosts their earning potential and gives them more choice.

If you ask me, many of these freelance riders have removed the shackles of traditional employment and are moving forward into a new world of being free to do what they want to do. Unfortunately, there are still some people, especially those in the government, who are living in the past.

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