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Rage Against The…Blankets? Contractors Fight Back…

Thousands of contractors around the country are preparing for a battle. Who is the enemy? It’s those pesky blanketers, of course.

You know…those employers and clients who are “blanketing” an entire industry with this IR35 madness, despite the fact that many contractors should not have to deal with it.

These inaccurate IR35 decisions are costing contractors millions of pounds per year. How much is it costing YOU?

What appears to be happening is many employers and clients are making “blanket decisions” when deciding on whether or not to apply IR35. However, many contractors feel this is depriving them of a fair assessment, almost as if they were being herded together like cattle.

Are you a cow or are you a contractor? Hopefully it is the latter, and if so, then you deserve to be treated with more respect and dignity in my opinion. You should be treated as an individual and have your IR35 assigned correctly.

Well, there are now many contractors who are not taking this “blanketing” lying down. Not by a long shot.

Thousands are raging against the blankets, so to speak, and deciding to head directly towards the small claims court to get their voice heard and claim back wrongful IR35 costs that have been taken out of their pay packet.

And they are winning. Many contractors have already had their day in court and the judge has declared them the victor.

Experts are now predicting this could pave the way for even more contractors, who could be due “six figure” payouts over wrongful IR35.

“I fought IR35, and I won,” is what contractors could be shouting around the country if successful with their own courtroom battles.

This is all comes at a time when IR35 is a hot topic. Right now, as we speak, it is proposed that IR35 will soon be introduced into the private sector. Something I’ve reported about on this blog only a month ago.

Private sector contractors still get to have their say on the matter, with many being invited to add their comments into the mix about if they are PRO or CON about IR35.

From what I’ve been hearing many are definitely CON. In fact, the vast majority are against IR35 in the private sector, and who can blame them? Not me.

If IR35 does get introduced in the private sector then employers and clients should watch out. Why? Because if they are not accurate with their IR35 assessment then contractors are definitely not afraid to fight the power and rage against the blankets.

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