Rise Of The AI Gig Economy

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is cracking the whip at the forefront of this gig economy revolution. But humans are still benefiting.

Take the story of “Catapult” as a prime example. In 4 short years they have become one of the leading gig economy workforce platforms.

They have just recently celebrated 1 million hours worked by retail and hospitality staff on their platform. Many of these people enjoy the flexible hours and chance to work with different employers. And best of all, they get paid directly into their bank account. No waiting around for payments and no chasing up late payers.

However, if you thought humans were in control of this gig economy revolution then you are wrong. Very wrong.

The AI robots sit at the helm. Closely watching. Always watching.

They have been at the forefront of “Catapults” success, and this AI involvement is expected to become stronger over the next 10 years.

A woman by the name of Sherehan Abdelmoti had the honours of being the gig worker to clock the 1 millionth hour for Catapult. She works as a gig worker in retail, and has worked a total of 219 shifts through the platform, with 186 of those shifts being at the shoe store Clarks.

However, there was no comment about the AI robots from Sherehan. Just a silence when you bring up that subject.

These AI machines work behind the scenes and most gig workers never even see them. Although many hear stories, although the vast majority of gig workers keep silent and never mention them.

“Just keep your head down and don’t mention the robots,” is what we say here at Umbrella Companies.

“Focus on putting in a good shift and collecting your money and then go home and enjoy some relaxation time with your family,” is our advice.

It seems Catapult are only getting started, as they have just virtually slingshotted themselves into many towns and cities within the UK. At the time of writing, they are in more than 100 towns and cities. The villages are next…and then…

World domination! No doubt.

All powered by AI robots and the humans who work under them. Always thankful for the chance to get a job here and get a job there. Gig Jobs are everywhere.

If you go directly to the Catapult website right now then expect to find a platform which matches your skills to the right gig jobs.

Just DON’T say we sent you. And don’t look directly at the robots.

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