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Robots in The Public Sector? 65% Think So

Contractors in the public sector have been caught up in the IR35 madness recently, but could they soon be out of a job completely? Perhaps…

That is what a survey recently found out where 2000 respondents were asked if they thought robots will soon be working in public sector government jobs.

“YES,” was the answer of many who took the survey, with 65% saying they think it is going to happen sooner or later.

Sooner…that is what 34% believe, even going as far to say that within the next 5 years robotic machines will be putting their feet up on desks around the public sector.

What about the hard working humans though? Unfortunately, as soon as robots find their way in the public sector world then in my opinion many ordinary workers are going to find themselves down the local job centre with P45 in hand.

Will they actually care about being given their marching orders and having to bow their heads while working past the robots, for one last time out of the office? Maybe not, because as regular readers of this blog will be aware, there are many public sector workers who are looking for any excuse to get away from government jobs.

The main reason of course is the IR35 chaos that has hampered public sector workers and led to them making less money. Could robots be the nudge that humans need to jump from the public sector and into the private sector? It very well could be.

Back to the survey, and 17% of those who responded said that robots might be in the public sector by 2019 or 2020. Let’s wait to see what happens there.

21% suggested otherwise however, saying that Brexit is going to mess up our carefully formed plans to bring robots into the workplace and that eventually we will be left behind by our European brothers.

Are robots even clever enough to take on those demanding public sector jobs? 26% of those surveyed think they are, making the bold claim that robotic workers will make better decisions than humans.

Not only that, but don’t forget that robots probably won’t require much sleep. Working well into the evening will no doubt be a common occurrence, with some robots even pulling an all nighter just to get those important tasks completed

On the flip side, 34% reckon that robots might be a bit too…well…”robotic” when it comes to making decisions, lacking the necessary factors to assess cultural factors when making a decision

So the robots are coming. When? We are not sure. Where? Nobody knows exactly…although the public sector could every well be their first port of call.

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