Umbrella Companies | Scottish Self Employed – 54% Are “Confident”

Scottish Self Employed – 54% Are “Confident”

There has never been a better time to be self employed in Scotland. If you are a contractor, freelancer, gig worker, or business owner…

Then times are good!

Don’t listen to the doom and gloom in the newspapers. They get paid to be miserable…and to make everybody else miserable.

If you actually get out there and talk to people on the street then you will often find that over half of the population are generally optimistic.

So when Kensington Mortgages hit the Scottish streets with a survey, it came as no surprise to us here at Umbrella Companies that 54% of the self employed in Scotland are confident.

Confident about what? In short…they have a quiet confidence about taking on more work and business in 2019.

The Scottish contractors are confident about getting more clients.

The Scottish freelancers are confident about finding more work.

The Scottish business owners are confident about attracting more customers.

So the buzzword in Scotland right now is “confidence,” and you can add another buzzword into the mix as well…


Yes that word “technology” is certainly a buzzword right now within the self employed community. Many people are wondering if a robot is going to take their job. Should they be scared? Fearful? Frightened? Run for the hills…now?

Not the Scottish self employed.

In fact, 88% of the self employed in Scotland said, when asked, they thought new technology is going to have a positive impact on their business.

No doom and gloom. Just confidence. And good vibes. In Scotland.

A spokesperson for Kensington Mortgages (who conducted the survey) had this to say – ““It’s clear from this latest research that self-employed workers in Scotland are tough, resilient and generally optimistic about their future prospects, even in the face of ongoing uncertainty.”

Interestingly, Kensington Mortgages have also launched self employed mortgages in Scotland recently…and judging by the attitude of the self employed in cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee, I reckon these kind of mortgages are going to be a roaring success.

Take Edinburgh as a prime example. They have 38.6% of their workers who are involved in high skill industries. Compare this to London at 34.9% and you can see the Scottish capital is heading in the right direction.

Here at Umbrella Companies we are pleased to say that our blog has a small but loyal following in Scotland.

Many self employed Scottish people read our blog posts from cover to cover, week after week, and month after month.

Scotland is also a place which gets a lot of rain. Probably the most in the UK. Which let’s face it…would make the country a prime target for a website selling umbrellas. Not that we know anything about that!

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