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Self Employed and On The Dole…In Ireland

If you live in Ireland and your business is failing…then don’t worry…because you can now sign up for the dole and get 203 Euros a week.

It doesn’t matter if your self employed dream is going down the gutter. Just pull out a pen and sign on that dotted line and the Irish government will there in no time.

This new law for the self employed comes into force in November, and once it does, then thousands of Irish self employed are expected to down tools and head to the pub instead.

203 Euros a week is not bad cash, especially if you are currently struggling to make ends meet, and I’m sure for many Irish gig workers, freelancers, contractors, and business owners it will be a welcome relief.

Just remember: That being on the dole is not a free ticket to get sloshed every day and stagger back home for lunch. If you are signing on then you should be actively either looking for a job or looking for new clients/customers. If you can’t show any evidence of either then your dole money will soon dry up.

My advice to the Irish self employed who are struggling? Read through the archives here at the UC blog. We have hundreds of blog posts on every aspect of being self employed…from motivation to step by step educational posts on how to make more money.

Take a few hours to browse our site and then put what you learn into action. In no time at all you can say goodbye to the dole and say hello to a successful business.

Then just send us a quick note to say thanks.

Which reminds me. Someone wrote in the other day and mentioned about how the summer is also “peak buying season” for umbrellas. They went on to say that umbrellas are needed for things such as patio tables, golfers, sunbathers on the beach…to keep the sun at bay.

You know…I’ve never really thought about that before. I’ve always just assumed that umbrellas was to keep the rain off your head, and that once the rain stops…the umbrella sales dry up.

So does that mean here at the UC we are going to start selling patio sets and umbrella and beach towel sets? I can’t say anything yet…other than it’s in discussion at a VERY high level within the company.

Back to the Irish self employed and recent figures show that 14% of workers are classed as “self employed.”

How many of those are going to be on the dole this time next year? Not many, I’m sure…at least, not those who read the UC blog on a regular basis.

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