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Self Employed Workers Need a Holiday, Says Study

“Rain, rain, go away, come back another day,” said the frustrated self employed worker who was tired of putting their umbrella up and down.

“I wish I could relax on a beach where the sun shines and the sea is blue, but I can’t because I’ve got too much work to do!” the self employed worker went on to add.

This comes on the back of a new study from IPSE where they found that the average self employed worker takes only 24 days of holiday per year, which is 4 days less than everyone else.

However, there is a small section of our nations self employed who have rejected the umbrellas. A select few of these freelancers, contractors, and gig workers actually take 25 days more than the average person, while an even smaller section take 40 days more!

No doubt this small section of the self employed workforce are higher earners, and dare we say…

Faithful readers of the UC blog? Where else would they get the knowledge, information, and inspiration to make more money than everyone else so they can get naked on a Spanish beach? There is no-one else, I can guarantee you of that.

These elite self employed workers are too busy pulling in a 6 or 7 figure income and jetting off to distant sunsets. I’m sure they don’t have time for anything else.

I know one thing they don’t have time for…writing in to the UC support desk about buying umbrellas!!

Do you know what? I’m not even going to say anything about this anymore because it is getting beyond a joke.

Day after day, we get questions like – “Can I buy an umbrella, how much for postage?” – or – “If I buy 10 or more umbrellas can I get a 10% discount?” – or – “Do you sell umbrellas for patios?” – or – “Hey UC, love the blog, I like umbrellas too!”

I’m beginning to wonder if this is just one person out there who is trolling us here at UC, or maybe there is a section of self employed workers who really are clueless.

So clueless that they stay in dreary Britain year after year while the rain continues to pour, and they take 4 days less holiday than everybody else.

The study from IPSE went on to say that going on holidays and taking regular breaks helps to make freelance workers more productive.

Any freelancer or contractor who regularly visits a nude beach in Spain is said to have more energy, be more creative and have more confidence.

Just like those freelancers and contractors who regularly visit the UC blog. We make you more energetic, more creative, and more confident, don’t we? Of course we do, that is why you are here.

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