Self employment ambassador takes Labour to woodshed

David Morris, the government’s self employment ambassador, has had it with Labour’s rubbish when it comes to speaking down to freelancers and contractors.

The Labour Party generated some serious enmity in Mr Morris the other day when it called the rise in the number of self employed Brits equivalent to a ‘failure’ in today’s labour market. The government ambassador called Labour ‘sad’ for making such a characterisation, especially how umbrella company contractors, freelancers, and other sole traders contribute shedloads to the economy. Labour needs to embrace self employment, Mr Morris said – especially if they think they’re going to have any chance of gaining power after the next General Election.

Honestly, everyone knows by now that self employed Brits are a growing demographic. The Office for National Statistics says that the number of self employed people in the labour market is at record high numbers and truly shows no signs of slowing down. That’s a lot of people working for themselves and not a boss – and that’s a pretty powerful voting bloc that is just plain stupid to be alienating right now.

Of course the Labour Party isn’t exactly a collection of the sharpest tools in the shed. The General Election is more or less theirs to lose right now, and I’m almost convinced that the entire political party is just going to crash and burn spectacularly. Since when is Labour in the business of throwing workers under the bus, especially entrepreneurs and those with enough brass to go into work for themselves? I mean I know that politicians are woefully out of touch with reality but I used to think that most of that was just typical Tory isolationism; apparently Labour is just as bad at this point, if not worse.

So who’s left to vote for then? Don’t tell me you’re going to go vote UKIP are you? You might as well just punch yourself in the head repeatedly and then jump out into traffic. There truly are no good choices for anyone – except maybe just going back to sleep on election day and knowing full well that whoever wins will most certainly not have your best interests in mind but their own instead. Mark my words, you’ll see!

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