Umbrella Companies | #SelfieLeave – Fathers Day is Here!

#SelfieLeave – Fathers Day is Here!

Right now, as we speak, it is Fathers Day…a day for celebrating and eating Sunday Dinner, maybe even watching a bit of TV.

Some celebrities are using today as a vehicle to draw attention to their cause…paternity leave for self employed fathers.

It is Fathers Day after all, so what better day than today to get attention and perhaps take a further step forward to getting what they want.

The words “#SelfieLeave” has taken Twitter by storm since the clock struck 12 at Midnight earlier today, and hundreds are now talking about the injustice of self employed men not getting a slice of the pie, so to speak.

I’ve reported before about this whole saga if you remember? In that post I mentioned how celebrities such as Chris Martin and Julie Brabin are getting right behind the self employed fathers, although there was one celebrity who I thought could really take this issue into the mainstream.

Step forward a certain Mr Jeremy Kyle, the talk show host loved by millions and the kind of guy you want behind a cause in order to bring it into the public spotlight.

Did they listen to me? Unfortunately no they didn’t, and in my opinion that is why we are still struggling to get equality for the self employed fathers.

If Mr Kyle had been given free reign and full backing to alert our nation about this issue then I guarantee MP’s would quickly be signing their names to a new bill in the name of “self employment and fatherhood.”

“Which Self Employed Chav is The Dad?” could be just one of the shows Jeremy could air on prime time television to bring much needed attention to the campaign.

As it stands, right now, Jeremy is still not involved in the campaign, which is why I would like to take this opportunity to try and make it happen.

If you are reading this, please go on Twitter and type in #JeremyKyle4Fathers – the more people who take action, the more chance we have of getting Jeremy involved and finally righting this wrong.

New figures suggest that 100,000 fathers are missing out on getting a cheque through the post from the government, month after month, year after year. It just isn’t right!

Olga FitzRoy, the founder of Parental Pay Equality recently had this to say – “They (the government) seem happy to exclude a quarter of fathers from hands on parenting. If they were serious about improving shared parental leave they would immediately adopt the proposals in the #SelfieLeave bill that is before Parliament at the moment.”

I wonder if Olga took the advice in my previous post about this issue? In that post, I mentioned how Olga should get in contact with CIF (Creative Industries Federation) and then potentially join forces to wipe clean the slate and look forward to a brighter, and some would say “cleaner” future.

It might take a bit of elbow grease by Olga and CIF to make things clean again within the government and to get fathers the parental pay they deserve, but with Jeremy Kyle on board and millions on Twitter Tweeting #JeremyKyle4Fathers…I reckon everything is going to be okay.

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