The New PM Should Back Umbrella Contractors

Now that many people have come to terms with Brexit and the implications it will have for the British economy, it’s time to realize that umbrella contractors are the foundation of this country and should be treated as a priority by new Prime Minister Theresa May.

This is the opinion of IPSE, the UK contractor trade group, who recently stated that it should be the “first priority” of Mrs May to back the self employed when she is drawing up new plans on how to deal with Brexit.

My opinion on this matter? The IPSE are absolutely spot on with their thinking, and if this country is going to stand any chance of flourishing over the next few years then more needs to be done to make sure that contractors are given as many benefits as possible and are not hindered with stupid rules like in the past.

At the end of the day, it’s all about flexibility in a post Brexit world for umbrella contractors. Once doing business with other countries becomes more difficult, especially for the self employed, then it’s essential the Prime Minister works on securing global trade agreements and easier access to the global market, while at the same time ensuring that all the millions of self employed people in the UK are not constantly bothered with silly regulations.

Even when the UK was very much a part of Europe I think that David Cameron and his government always wanted to help contractors as much as possible, but this didn’t always happen unfortunately.

For example, one measure that comes to mind is how public sector contractors have been taxed excessively when compared to other industries. It just isn’t right, and this is something Mrs May will have to put right at the top of her list to sort out…or face the stern words of thousands of people who are banking on her to do the right thing.

The IPSE, which stands for the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, went on to say that it realizes the Prime Minister has a lot of new challenges in front of her post Brexit, but through backing umbrella contractors she will put herself in a favourable position and quickly become a leader that many people warm to.

Let’s face it, being in the top position is not easy as you can’t always please everybody, but isn’t it about time the average man and woman who are the engine room of the British economy are rewarded for once? I think there is a definite yes on this one, and not many people will disagree with me.

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