Umbrella Companies and COVID-19 – what you need to know

Yes, we’ve been gone for a little while, but just for some essential work on bigger things at UCHQ, such as furloughing the intern and the rest of the team.

But what has the coronavirus situation meant to you, working under an Umbrella Company?

Well, it’s likely that the answer, as with most things is… ‘it depends.’ – Legally, you are working as an employee of your umbrella company, meaning you are entitled to be furloughed or receive the same statutory coronavirus payments as any other employee. However, it all comes down to your contract and if your employer (the umbrella company) chooses to furlough you.

You may, as a limited company, be entitled to some government grants for your business during this time. The reality is that the government is still working much of this stuff out themselves, so unfortunately, we can’t tell you much with confidence at this point.

What we can tell you is that if you haven’t already, speak to your umbrella company provider today. Check out what their approach is, and if you are unclear still, check in with ACAS who may be able to help clarify the situation. If you have had to self-isolate or been sick, you may be entitled to other forms of funding such as SSP. Your umbrella company can advise you.

It is a difficult situation for all of us, particularly workers in the gig economy, or those who have seemingly fallen between the cracks in the assistance that is being provided. There may be delays in payment as a result of the scheme not being implemented until later this month, or there may be some of you for whom it is simply business as usual and you are not presently affected. There simply isn’t a one size fits all approach to how this all works, because it’s so new for all of us.

Hopefully by now many of you have figured out how all this is working for you. Some of you may not have even had to take a pause in your work, and others may be back up and earning once more. However stressful it may be (or have been) let’s just remember to be grateful for our health and wellness. The rest can all be figured out.

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