Unified Payroll Also Struck By A “Security Issue” Resulting in Missed Payments

Unified Payroll also struck by a “security issue” that has resulted in missed payments to umbrella employees

Another umbrella company has been targeted by scammers resulting in failed payments to umbrella company employees. This time, Unified Payroll has been left “unable to remit any payments to any workers” due to “severe issues” with their payroll system. The entire company update is posted below. If you are an umbrella employee of  Unified Payroll or represent the umbrella company, please share your comments below.


Earlier today, we published a blog about FCSA accredited umbrella company Giant Pay. This leading umbrella company has been struck with a severe security threat resulting in failed payments to umbrella employees. However, Giant Pay is not alone. It appears Unified Payroll, a well-known UK-based umbrella company, has had a similar security threat.

The official statement by Unified Payroll on company website

We experienced some severe issues with our payroll system on the 16th and 17th September which has resulted in a security issue with our bank account. We have been unable to remit any payments to any workers for these payrolls.

Our directors are working very closely with our bankers to reach a quick resolution. In these situations, very little information is often shared.

We do apologise for this unprecedented and very unfortunate situation; we are hoping this is resolved in a very timely manner and we will immediately pay all workers due payment.

We will continue to email affected workers with an update.

We apologise for this inconvenient and we thank you for your patience at this frustrating time.

Hopefully, the situation is resolved shortly

The team at umbrellacompanies.org.uk would like to wish Unified Payroll and all of its employees the very best. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved shortly, payments will be made, and the criminals behind the security breach will be identified and brought to justice.

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If you’re an employee of Unified Payroll, we hope the situation is resolved quickly and your payroll is processed efficiently. Should you wish to switch umbrella companies, we recommend one of our top 10 umbrella companies.

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