Umbrella Companies | Upwork and Microsoft Join Hands For The Self Employed

Upwork and Microsoft Join Hands For The Self Employed

If you are a freelancer, contractor, gig worker, or self employed, then hold on to your hat, because we have exciting news.

The freelancing platform Upwork and the technology giant Microsoft have decided to join hands, in the name of…

Self Employment!

It is you, the average self employed worker they want to help, by giving you the opportunity to find clients who want to pay you more.

That’s right. Even if you are already making a decent amount of coin for your pocket or bills for your bank account, Upwork and Microsoft want to see you make even more.

How? By allowing you to use a program called Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit. Something we have talked about here on the Umbrella Companies Blog, way back in the day when it was first released.

Basically, this Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit matches employers with freelancers and contractors. If you have the talent and they want the skills, then its a perfect match.

Kind of like a Plenty of Fish for the self employed. Maybe they should rename it “Plenty of Freelancers?”

Just sign up with a picture, a brief description of yourself and your turn ons and turn offs, and then…

“You have a match in your area.”

So Microsoft 365 Toolkit is the place to be for the players and swingers of the freelance community, and now, they have partnered with Upwork, things have just been taken to a new level.

Many people see Upwork as the Tinder of the freelance world. Just swipe, swipe, swipe, and then, swipe again…until you find your perfect match.

That is exactly what happens on Upwork, and many times you can find a quick hookup to get some fast cash.

I’m sure Upwork and Microsoft are really going to unleash the power on this one, and come up with something that will blow us all away.

Speaking of being blown away…it’s just come to my attention that yet another person has written in and asked about windproof umbrellas.

I’m really trying to control myself here and not get angry, but, you know, we have mentioned many times that we don’t sell umbrellas…so why do we keep on getting letters? I don’t know.

What I do know is there will always be a need for umbrellas, just like there will always be a need for dating sites, and yes…there will always be a need for Upwork and Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit.

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