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Which Bright Spark Did This?

It’s a great time to be a self employed electrician right now. Some would even say it is a boom time, with more work than ever before.

So it’s not surprising that some “bright spark” has recently decided to form a new union in the name of self employed electricians all around the UK.

Who is the bright spark? The Leaders of the Independent Workers of Great Britain: Electrical Workers Branch, to be exact, or if that is bit of a mouthful for you, then just call them…IWGB: EWB.

Their goal is simple. To boost skill levels and standards within the electrician sector, while at the same time taking on unfair agencies, payroll charges and umbrella payments.

IWGB have played a major role in gig worker rights over the last few years, and now, with the EWB division, it is expected they are going to do the same with electricians.

As we speak, there are roughly 85000 self employed electricians in the UK who do not have any kind of union representation.

Every day these electricians go about their business doing things like connecting the wires in plugs and making sure the Christmas lights come on…but while they are looking out for the general public of our nation, who is looking out for their best interests?

If the IWGB: EWB have their way, then it will be them who are looking out for electricians while they are hard at work, day in and day out.

“We need to fight back against the abuse and de-skilling which is becoming increasingly common in our sector, and through the IWGB we will do just that.” – said a spokesperson for the IWGB: EWB.

My opinion? I reckon that many self employed electricians could do with a helping hand, especially when you consider the industry can become rather complicated.

For example, there are many different areas a self employed electrician needs to be educated..such as topics like subcontracting, agencies, umbrella companies, outsourcing, and tax.

Do you know what though? A Union might be a bit far fetched if you ask me, especially when you have everything you need right here at Umbrella Companies.

That’s right. It’s right here on this very blog that we educate you on all of the important topics about being self employed.

Check back every week to get the knowledge bombs. They apply to all self employed contractors and freelancers, not just self employed electricians.

Not only that, but you can also find details of the best accountants in the UK, right here on this website.

These accountants are perfect for all of you self employed electricians. They handle all of your tax affairs and save you money at the same time. Far better than a Union. That’s a fact.

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