Umbrella Companies | You Make £57,546...But Guess What?

You Make £57,546…But Guess What?

You are self employed and you are raking in the cash…to the tune of £57,546 a year. “Life is good,” you say.

This is the average pay for a self employed mortgage applicant, according to a recent survey…but guess what? You are still getting discriminated against.

The survey shows us that despite making £57,546 compared to the £29,588 which an employee makes…it is the employees who are being accepted for mortgages left, right and centre.

For many of you self employed workers, you might make nearly 30 grand more than your employed counterparts, but you are still getting treated unfairly by those ruthless mortgage lenders.

It was in places such as London, Kent and Essex, Hertfordshire, the South West, and Surrey and Hampshire where self employed mortgage applicants made the most cash, but most were still not making much headway with those stubborn lenders.

For example, in London many self employed workers like contractors and freelancers are making 6 figures a year, but they are stuck renting because they can’t get on the property ladder. Paying overpriced rents and paying off someone else’s mortgage, no doubt.

The survey also went on to find out that only 18% of the self employed mortgage applicants had any kind of bad credit within the last 2 years.

In other words…what we have here is people making a lot of dosh and with very good credit scores, but they still can’t get approved for a self employed mortgage.

Here at Umbrella Contractors we are frustrated with the reluctance of lenders to back our nations self employed. They should be right behind you and helping you get your foot on the property ladder, but instead they just seem to be throwing obstacles in your way and stopping you from achieving your dreams and goals.

Just know that here at UC we are standing with you and fighting your corner if we can. We will continue to shout from the rooftops about “self employed mortgages” and will call out any lenders who discriminate against you.

#UC4SEMortgages we have just hash tagged on Twitter and we call on all of our small but loyal readership to do the same.

Maybe eventually we can create a storm on social media to finally get the lenders to sit up and listen? Maybe we can, we don’t know until we try.

So do it now…go to your Twitter account and type in #UC4SEMortgages and together lets show these mortgage lenders that the self employed community mean business.

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