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Robots in The Public Sector? 65% Think So

Contractors in the public sector have been caught up in the IR35 madness recently, but could they soon be out of a job completely? Perhaps…

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20% of Specialist Mortgages Are For The Self Employed

It was only a few years ago that your chance of being accepted for a self employed mortgage were slim to none. “REJECTED,” was the one word answer.

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Gig Economy Workers – You Are Losing £344 a Month!

What would you do if you caught a pickpocket trying to sneakily pull £344 in cash out of your pocket? Turn round and punch him, maybe.

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Only 28% of Self Employed Consider Pensions to be Safe

In a world where saving for your pension is considered “normal,” many self employed workers are raging against it.

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IR35 Online Assessment Tool…Confidence is Low

The whole IR35 thing is controversial, we know that, but the IR35 online assessment tool on HMRC website is there to make things easier.

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“Blame The BBC,” Say The Stars

Being a television star is mostly about glitz and glamour, but when you are hauled in the interview room at HMRC HQ, then not so much.

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Coldplay and Coronation Street Unite for The Parents

Who are the best people in your corner when you want parental leave for the self employed? Pop singers and soap stars of course. Who else?

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“Your Taxes Are Done My Lord”

Most contractors have to hire an accountant to do their books and taxes. What if you didn’t have to do that though…what then?

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She Owes Half a Million, Thanks to IR35

While BBC presenters might be earning a nice bit of change (all thanks to the licence payers), that hasn’t stopped the IR35 crackdown.

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The Contractors, Soon To Be Under “House Arrest”

If you have comitted no crime then wouldn’t you find it strange to be tagged? Just like a “scally,” so to speak, under house arrest.

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A Contractors Guide to Working Abroad

While there are many contracting jobs in the UK, with cities such as London and Glasgow being at the top of the list, some are looking elsewhere.

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TPAS Take Action, Contractors Confused

A press release hit the major news hubs this week, in a big announcement that all contractors should take notice of. It was from TPAS.

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Government Break Their Pledge (Self Employed Pensions)

We all know that not enough self employed people are saving for their retirements. Millions are going to be coming up short, unfortunately.

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30% of Gig Economy Workers Have At Least Two Jobs

If you thought that having one job was enough then try having two. That is what around 30% of gig economy workers now have to do.

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162 Million Are Independent Workers, But…

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, AKA IPSE, recently looked more closely at independent workers…

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Contractors…SNOW Your Rights

The last few years have seen winters in the UK remain unusually snow free, but this year it looks like the snow is here for a while.

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