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Entrepreneurial freelancers find opportunities in recession

Entrepreneurial freelancers find opportunities in recession

Small businesses, contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs are feeling optimistic about the end of the economic downturn. Many are now keen to see a return to more profitable times despite the planned increases in tax, national insurance and regulation over the coming years.’s recent survey of UK entrepreneurs revealed that only 25% of respondents felt that the latest recession has had that much of an impact on them with more than 30% saying they could benefit from the experience.

These findings are backed up by a new study conducted by Investec Specialist Private Bank and the Entrepeneurs’ Organization. Their results show that nearly 90% of small businesses expect to increase their turnover in 2010.

Other survey findings show that almost 2/3 of respondents feel that the economy will improve this year and nearly 75% believe the economic climate represents an opportunity for them. Close to half (46%) are investing in research and development.

Entrepreneurialism is doing particularly well at the moment, as many people go in search of the niches, gaps and opportunities made available since the recession.

To further encourage this, has launched its own Virtual Business of the Year Awards to recognise SMEs and entrepreneurs who have embraced web 2.0, virtual working and the opportunities they represent.

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